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Scream Queen FilmFest Tokyo (SQFFT) is a film festival based in Tokyo, Japan founded , programmed and run by Mai Nakanishi.

SQFFT was founded in 2013 to support underrepresented creative voices of the women genre filmmakers and to promote and showcase their works. The festival is held annually in Tokyo with tour screenings around Japan throughout the year, SQFFT is passionate about sharing unique and diverse visions that female artists bring to the genre.


SQFFT is the only female-centric genre film festival in Asia. It doest not receive any grant aid or sponsorship and is an entirely volunteer run organisation but SQFFT celebrates independent cinema and women in horror like no other film festivals.



This year, SQFFT is celebrating its 4th year and it continues to support and celebrate the art and cinematic contribution of women genre filmmakers from around the world.